Even the most motivated of individuals can feel unmotivated at times. I admit to sometimes feeling this way; becoming lazy or finding it hard to get back into training when other aspects of life take over. Here are 6 things you can try to start feeling motivated again!

  1. Focus on One Goal – Whenever I lack motivation, I’ve discovered that it’s often because I am trying to do too much and have a lot going on in my life. A common mistake people make is trying to take on too much, attempting to accomplish more than one goal at once. This is where I like to take a step back, reassess the situation and focus all of my energy on one specific goal until it is complete (Plus I am terrible at multi-tasking!)

2. Set the bar low – When I am feeling unmotivated the thought of a huge goal makes me feel uneasy, overwhelmed and apprehensive about the amount of effort needed to achieve the task. This is due to the fact that when I take on too much I am probably functioning at around 20% rather than the usual 70-90%. Instead I like to set the bar low and achieve small wins such as:

  • pack my gym bag the night before
  • write the shopping list before going to the supermarket
  • plan what I am going to have for lunch
  • plan my gym session.

If you can manage more without feeling overwhelmed, feel free to set the bar higher.

  1. Find Inspiration – Inspiration for me comes from others who have achieved what I am trying to do or who are currently doing it. I read books on self-development and Google motivational quotes and try to visualise my goal.
  1. Stick with it – Whatever you do, don’t give up! Once you are on a roll it is easier to keep the momentum going. You don’t have to commit a full day working towards your goals, instead allocate 30-60min work slots at the time of day when you are most energetic and productive.
  1. Just Start – Having a bad day, feeling tired or still not motivated? Instead of thinking about how hard it is and how long it will take, tell yourself that you just have to start
  1. Stay Accountable – I tend to share my goals publicly with friends, family, gym members or on my social media platforms. I commit to sharing my progress with them daily and I find this accountability keeps me motivated. I don’t want to report to them that I have failed! You could consider a drastic measure such as giving someone a sum of money which you can only have back once the goal is achieved.