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I had been to several gyms before training with Lance and was familiar with the basic exercises that I thought I needed to do. After about a year of “winging it” I plateaued and lost all motivation to want to exercise. I finally bit the bullet and contacted Lance.

We had a chat about my experiences and what he could do to help and I took his advice and went at my own pace by myself in the initial few weeks and having witnessed him working with a whole variety of clientele one thing was evident – no matter who he worked with (young or older, male or female) his dedication and enthusiasm never faltered and he always gave 100% and in turn so did they. This helped affirm my thoughts in choosing him and having never had a personal trainer before I can wholeheartedly say it was the best thing I have ever done regarding my fitness!

He has many years experience doing what he does and this is evident when you train or even talk to him. He has taught me how to fit exercise into my lifestyle and make it work for me and I’m sure all his clients can vouch for me on this when I say you won’t regret choosing him. From his tailored nutrition and workout plans to his fun and educational group workshops to his intense one on one PT sessions, he really is the full package when it comes to getting fit. Proud to have him as my coach! Jason Hoang

There just aren’t enough stars for Lance
At the start of this year through tailored training programs and nutrition advice along with continuous support and belief in me, Lance was instrumental in helping me lose 2 stone and drop 2 dress sizes in 4 months. I felt so proud of myself and especially loved discovering my new passion for weight training and seeing how it shaped my physique. Instrumental is the perfect word to describe Lance, as I am a person that needs continuous encouragement, belief and praise and Lance gave me that in spades. He has inspired me to achieve more than I thought I was capable of, he really is brilliant at what he does.

If I fell off the wagon and lost motivation, Lance was always there ready to help me get back on track. He kept up with the support with messages to see how I was and then devised a plan and training program around what was achievable in my life at that moment. I don’t feel I’ve cut out foods from my diet or had to change routine to fit in workouts, I’ve worked out when I can train without it impacting on other things in my week and I am loving being back in the gym and feeling in control again. Claire Armitage

Lance has changed my whole outlook towards the gym! In the past, I would focus solely on cardio and dread going. He taught me that there is so much more to the gym than cardio and suggested that weight training might be something I enjoy more. Three months later, he couldn’t have been more right! In PT sessions, Lance introduced me to a variety of new exercises using the majority of equipment in the gym. Sessions were always challenging but Lance set me targets and constantly inspired me to achieve them with his positivity. Lance devised a programme that supported me to exercise using progressively heavier weights. My overall strength improved in such a short space of time and I now feel so much more confident with my body shape. Lance is always happy to share his expert knowledge and answer questions, supporting his clients to lead a healthy lifestyle. His advice on nutrition is brilliant and his commitment is clear. I can’t recommend Lance enough – he is fun, energetic, dedicated and extremely motivational! Hannah

What a guy! I worked with Lance on and off a lot of the last year as I approached my 40th birthday. I had always gone to the gym but had become a little jaded and lost with what I was trying to achieve, was reasonably fit but ‘skinny-fat’ and wanted to enter my 40s in better condition.

I worked with Lance as a virtual trainer via WhatsApp and Dropbox – was given detailed training routines to log and macro targets to hit each day. His enthusiasm and knowledge made the process easy and I dropped from 81kg to 69kg over about 5 months to be the leanest I’d ever been whilst lifting more at the gym that I had done before. 

I now know so much more about how my body reacts to food and am able to play with my own macro targets to achieve different goals. 

The few sessions we had in the gym together were brilliant – you can do a lot in the gym without seeing as much in the way of benefits as you should – lots of it is down to technique – I learned loads from him and intend on working with him again in the future.

Top bloke, top trainer! You need him in your life! Andrew Ross

Lance is the consummate personal trainer. He is constantly upbeat and encouraging which is incredibly motivating.  Sessions are varied and fun.  New exercises are broken down to my (very basic) level and built upon and /or adapted to ensure technique is mastered and undertaken safely.

The transformation in my body shape has been remarkable and was commented upon by family, colleagues and friends within a couple of weeks.  I’ve developed an enthusiasm for the gym far beyond expectations – I’ll now confidently work around the whole gym instead of hovering by the safety of the treadmill and cross-trainer.

Thanks Lance! Gillian Greig

I met Lance just over a year ago when I was lucky enough to get a free place on his 10 week online programme. I’ve always been weight conscious and so I thought this was a great opportunity to try something new.

He taught me all about macros and that eating bread isn’t bad at all! More importantly he taught me how to train properly and how to get results in the gym. I occasionally exercised but never went into the weights section of a gym alone but now I feel confident to do it.

He is a great trainer but also approachable and friendly so if you have any questions on food or exercise he will always be happy to help you.

I couldn’t recommend Lance highly enough and even though I’m not where I want to be right now he has taught me how to get there and I don’t have to starve myself to do it! Carly Popplewell

Less than 2 months training with Lance and he has helped me regain both my fitness and my enjoyment for exercise, he has given me a better insight into my diet, and also helped improve my confidence. I now have goals, and most importantly, the determination to achieve them.


Lance Naomi Hurwitz

Here is what Ryan has to say about his fitness journey

I had been training in the gym for about 8-9 months on my own and in this time I saw some results in terms of getting stronger and building some muscle but I also wasn’t eating right and gained a lot of body fat.

 I started to hit a wall and decided I needed to make some changes so I started to train with Lance to achieve my fat loss goals. 

Over the past 10 weeks, I learned to train smarter and with more intent, not wasting any of the time I spent at the gym. I also realised the importance of having a real plan in place for training.  

Not only did Lance help with training, but he also provided me with valuable nutritional advice which I will continue to use to make sustainable lifestyle changes.

 If you are wanting to seek help to achieve your fitness goals I would highly recommend Lance, as long as you are willing to put in the graft you will see results from training with him.

Ryan Peet

I approached Lance with a pretty demanding deadline. I was desperate to lose weight for a last minute  family holiday and get the best results possible within 5 weeks.

Lance told me that this can be done but it will require hard work. Moreover Lance sat with me and disscussed my current lifestyle, eating habits and asked about my training experience. 

After the initial consultation Lance created a training plan which allowed me to make it to the gym and do a quick and effective workout that was tailored to my goals and still make it to work on time.

The nutrition advice Lance gave was sound and practical. Nothing drastic, just sustainable methods that I can use forever. 

l lost a total of 4kg in 5 weeks! This is more than I expected to lose with the time frame I had. 




Tamsin came to me after she hit a wall with her weight loss journey. She wanted to lose that final few pounds before going to Australia. 

Tamsin had the perceived idea that you have to eat ‘clean’ foods and avoid all ‘bad’ food (the stuff we all enjoy) in order to meet your body composition goals. In addition, she panicked that swapping her gym classes for weights would actually make her bulky. 

How wrong was she!! With my guidance, Tamsin has lost 5kg in 7 weeks and still has 5 weeks to go on the online training with me! In fact, she loves weight training now! This has been achieved without a meal plan, just simple education on making smarter food choices and spending her calorie budget wisely. 

During the 7 weeks Tamsin has attended a festival, enjoyed a weekend in Brussels and treated herself to a few cheeky glasses of wine! Tamsin is continuously a pleasure to work with. She has listened, asked questions, committed to the plan and trusted my knowledge.

Tamsin Slade

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